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REVIEW: Mr. Peabody & Sherman

REVIEW: Mr. Peabody & Sherman

This  animator may end up more beloved by adults than  kids. With jokes for all ages, the puns are aimed at adults . It’s witty, smart, sweet and sentimental.  For kids, it’s an entertaining history lesson as Mr. Peabody and Sherman time-travel, thanks to Mr. Peabody’s WABAC (way back) time machine.  Adults will appreciate the sharp humor.

Sounding uncanningly like “Frasier” star David Hyde Pierce, it’s “Modern Family” star Ty Burrell who  voice-stars as the bespectacled smartest/most accomplished dog on earth. Burrell’s tv daughter, Ariel Winter, also star-voices, along with Stephen Colbert, Leslie Mann, Allison Janney and  as Mr. Peabody’s adopted son, Sherman, it’s the kid who played a 4 year old Peter Parker  in “The Amazing Spider-man” in 2012, Max Charles.

The 3-D makes this already colorful animator even more lively. It’s an absolute joyride through  history. I loved it.


3-and-a-half stars.


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