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REVIEW: Into The Storm

Starring mostly unknowns, the uber tornadoes are the star in “Into The Storm”, the first natural disaster movie to come along in how many years???  Come on, “Dawn Of the Planet Of The Apes” is NOT a natural  disaster  movie!!! 

Set in the town of Silverton (we never learn which state  though the small town is apparently big enough to have a major airport with jumbo planes- conveniently to destroy) , the film centers on a band of storm chasers in pursuit of a tornado to  record for a documentary.  They ultimately get their wish:  an EF5- the worst on the scale. We’re talking a 2 mile wide tornado, destroying everything in its path.

Director Steven Quale (of “Final Destination 5” fame)  ramps up the action by presenting the film in first-person narrative. The disaster unfolds in real-time, so it takes a while for the  storms to brew.

Among  the stars: Richard Armitage , who played Thorin in “The Hobbitt: An Unexpected Journey”, Sarah Wayne Collins of “Walking Dead” and Nathan Kress, who your kids may know from “ICarly”. So , yeah, the money was mainly spent on special effects.

While the tornado scenes were fun,  the story is predictable. And I never really connected with any  of the characters. Unlike the tornados, this film is no killer.

1-and-a-half stars



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