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There was much to discuss at the special session of the Patrick Henry School board Tuesday, as the district’s building renovation was reviewed. 

            While no action was taken, Superintendant Tom Taylor reports the board has narrowed the project to three key construction points.

            One is to add 4 classrooms to the high school building.

            Another is to add 12 classroom spaces to the middle school building.  Only 10 are needed at this time, so two rooms will be unfinished and utilized for storage. 

            The last key construction area is to add square footage to the athletic building.  The Deshler gym is currently utilized for junior high basketball and high school wrestling.  The Patrick Henry district wants to be sure there is room for all athletics after the move.  A bathroom renovation project has been put on hold to see what the future needs are for the athletic building.

            It was previously thought the cafeteria would need to be reconstructed due to the increase of students; but after reviewing lunch schedules, oven space and seating capacity the board decided the cafeteria will not need renovations.

            This news changed the estimate of the project from 9 million dollars to around 8.2 million dollars.  This is not the final cost of the project, as the board is still looking at many factors including heating and electrical renovations.

            Taylor said there was no decision of when to put the issue before the Patrick Henry voters, but it would not appear on the ballot before November.             The next Patrick Henry School board meeting is June 24th


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