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How concerned are local companies about the quality of employees they’ll be getting in the future?     After industries got together recently in the Henry County-Williams County roundtable programs, they discovered many are looking for more qualified members of their staff.    Henry County CIC director Rob McColley delivered that news to his board this week, and says they are working on a strategic plan to improve potential workers for the years ahead.

Membership in the Henry County Community Improvement Corporation is down by half from last year.   And the membership committee for the CIC will be working to get those numbers back up.

The board also discussed the Rural Business Enterprise Grant program that offers $100,000 in grants.   The CIC executive committee discussed devoting those funds to downtown businesses in the villages and cities around Henry County.   Another option is to make those dollars available to companies related to the food and beverage industry.

And the Henry County CIC went into executive session to discuss the relocation or expansion of a business; but no action was taken.


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