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Following two days of testimony, and two more days of deliberation by the visiting judge in the case of a former Henry County Commissioner, Richard Myers was found guilty of Unlawful Interest in a Public Contract.  Judge Randall Basinger delivered that verdict this (Fri) morning in the Henry County Courthouse.  On another charge of Unlawful Interest against Myers; Judge Basinger ruled the defendant was not-guilty.              A pre-sentence investigation was ordered in the case; and Richard Myers will be sentenced on October 3rd.    Unlawful Interest in a Public Contract is a fourth degree felony, with penalties ranging from community control or probation, up to a prison term of 18 months.    Judge Basinger stated the issue of restitution will be taken up at the time of sentencing.

This case stemmed from Myers personal financial interest in a car-production project for Revenge Designs; and his then public interest by voting as a county commissioner on that same project he supported with his own money.    Myers as president of the Henry County Commissioners at the time, gave a $300,000 check to Revenge Designs before it was voted-on by the county board.   That money was never used for a Henry County project, and has not been re-paid by the company owner, Peter Colaraffi.   That is the money the state of Ohio is seeking to have re-paid; and why the Ohio Auditor’s office initiated their investigation.              Two other charges of Money Laundering against Richard Myers were dismissed earlier in the trial.   The defendant is free on bond until sentencing in October.


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