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In just over one month; Ohioans will be celebrating their right to vote in the general election for 2013.   Election Day is November 5th.

But registered voters can cast their ballots early, by requesting an absentee ballot, or by voting in-person at their local board of elections office, starting October 1st.

                               The Henry County Board of Elections is open each day, Monday through Friday, from 8am till  4:30pm.   Voters must present an identification to cast a ballot.                   The deadline for voter registration for the general election is next Monday, October 7th.  And the Henry County Board of Elections will be open extended hours that day, from 8am till 9pm.   In-office voting at the Board of elections will end on November 1st at 6pm.

                                    Local candidate races in this general election include village and city council seats, school board of education seats, along with township trustees.    Local issues on the ballot could range from school levies to township and village questions.


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