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A wage increase of 2% was approved for union employees at the Corrections Center of Northwest Ohio, during a Wednesday meeting of that board.   The board also nailed-down their budget for the regional jail heading toward 2014, with operational costs hitting just under 15.4 million dollars.  That’s a 3.7% increase over the budget for the current year.

                        A substantial increase in health insurance of 25% will be incurred, due to higher claims for 2013, and more requirements to meet in the government’s preventative health care act.

Executive Director Jim Dennis also reported more use of force on inmates this pas year, due to more violent misdemeanant inmates being housed at the regional jail, along with gang members. 

Bed allocations for 2014 were set, with Henry County at 36, Fulton County at 52, Defiance County will utilize 60, and 240 for the city of Toledo.  Another 198 was set aside for Lucas County offenders.

            The Corrections Commission also approved spending over $49,000 for additional fencing and doors in a security upgrade.  

The current population at the regional jail stands at 566, which is about 89% of capacity.


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